Airing Obsession: Karen Gillan in “Selfie”


It’s no secret that I’m a Tv show addict. Give me any show and I’ll get hooked in 80% of the cases. Most of the times it’s around May and then again October when all of my shows are on break, that I need something new. Why do I do that you ask? – well I don’t know. It’s not like I haven’t already got enough shows to keep me busy for forever but somehow there’s always another “must see” recommendation that I can’t seem to keep away from.

Truth be told many of the shows I once started I stopped watching somewhere between seasons. But there are a few trusty shows that I’m still watching and enjoying. I thought I’d let you in on which shows help me distract myself from the stress that is reality and get me to relay even if it’s only for 45 minutes – can’t really afford any longer anyways. Continue reading


#UniKitchen: Healthy Low-Carb Veggie Lasagna


As a Uni student everyone knows eating habits can be a little unhealthy at times and mainly consist of instant noodle soups and the like. After the holidays I took the plunge and weighed myself for the first time in quite a long time. I must admit I was a little shocked. So my friend and I decided to commit to healthy eating and losing a few of those pesky pounds. Of course cooking isn’t really something you can be bothered with after a long day of class. Cooking’s never as much fun alone, so my friend and I now meet up 3-4 nights a week to have our own private healthy cooking party. I thought I’d share my attempt to be healthy at Uni and maybe inspire a few of you to skip the ready-made meals. So this’ll be my first installment in a series I’ll call “#UniKitchen”, I hope you’ll like it. Continue reading

Quick-Fix Faux French Mani


I haven’t been painting my nails a lot recently, don’t get me wrong I love a good mani. But a good mani does take me about 90ish minutes ( two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy for reference). With Uni I rarely find myself having time for two episodes of any TV show in a row, never mind being patient enough to go through the whole perfect (homemade) mani procedure.   Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions: Skincare

Ever since moving to a different city I’ve kind of neglected my whole skincare routine a lot. It all started with my exfoliating toner running out and me not repurchasing it, I then stopped using flannels/ muslin cloths on an everyday basis because I didn’t want to throw them in the washing after a days use and quite frankly I don’t have enough clothes to fill up a washing machine every week. So instead of being confronted with not having any cloths left because their all dirty, I stopped using them all together. Stupid I know! Continue reading

Some Nudes in a Season of Reds


A few months back I wasn’t into that whole nude lip look, let alone lipgloss. But somehow I’ve really gotten into enhancing my lip shape and making it look as best I can in the most natural way. Whilst I do still have my issues with the uber sticky “last-all day” lip glosses I do enjoy a smooth hydrating balmy sort of lipgloss nowadays and it seems that as time has gone by the makeup industry has really grasped that whole “smooth buttery lipgloss” thang.  Continue reading

4 for killer cheeks


Sorry for being M.I.A the last couple of days. I had a stressful few days plus I didn’t really have anything exciting to tell you about. I don’t ever want to post about something I don’t personally love and enjoy at the moment, because I feel like that affects the quality of the content and the post overall.

But I’m back now, and I wanted to share my personal favorite way to create ‘dem killer cheeks’ with you.

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Perfume Sample Hoarding


When beauty shopping you will always be given a lot of samples. This has gone so far for me that I can’t even sort out which ones to use and which ones to leaves, leading to me ignoring them all together. Even worse, I fear that I might like a product sample where the actual product will be out of budget, so I just don’t even test it. Continue reading

Top 5: Make-up Brushes



When I actually have time to properly do my makeup, brushes are of course the most important tools. I could work without them, but why? If I can make my life so much easier and mess free. I do have accumulated a few Brushes over time, but if i could only chose 5, these would be my picks. When I thought of this post, I didn’t even bat an eye when piecing them out of my stash that does say something.

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