The “Can’t decide which one” Blush

 photo output_WSxemU_zps4fadd838.gif

So when I actually decide to get up that 20 minutes earlier to put my face on, a lot of the times I just can’t decide what products to use.

That’s probably one of the reasons I skip makeup on lazy exam days. Just being so overwhelmed by the variety of brands and colours, my half-asleep behind can’t wrap it’s head around that.
But there is the odd occasion when I do need to look acceptable or I really want to feel pretty for once.

Now I’ve heard many Beauty Gurus talk about this gem, but living in Germany (It’s impossible to get a hold of most beauty brands over here. grr!), I did not have the chance to try it out.

I’m talking about Tartes Amazonian Clay 8H Blush in Exposed of course.

IMG_4900 Kopie

When my dad went on a business trip to the States I asked him to see if he could fit in a trip to Sephora. Well he did and my wishes came true.

So now that I hold this baby of a blusher in my hands, I have barely put it down. Been wearing it almost every day. It’s just soo perfect. Goes with every thing, has this subtle rose-y pink definition, and on my fair skin I can even apply it so that it gives my face some contouring aswell. I love how it adds a nice fresh look and makes me look half ways alive/awake.

It does build up nicely, has a good color payoff and is pretty opaque, but there’s only so much colour that’ll actually show on my cheeks, seeing as it is quite a light blush. The texture is really really buttery. This blush and the Nars Coeur Battant from the Guy Bourdin LE are definitely my most reached for at the moment.

Now if you’re living in the UK you can now get a range of Tarte products via QVC Beauty, but I bet you’ve already heard about that in the Blogger-sphere.

If, like me, you live in a beauty desert country like Germany, make sure to pick this up or get someone to go to Sephora for you when they’re in the States. It surely is a safe bet blush. A color like this should be in every makeup lovers collection.


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