Spring Nail Polish Line-Up


With Spring come bright colors and pastel hues. Say Goodbye to dark polishes which or course are quite lovely for autumn and winter. Today I’m bringing you my favorite polishes for this season. There’s surely something for everyone here. From classic reds and lilacs, to greens, blues and even yellow sneaked its way into the bunch.

Most of these are Ciaté due to the fact that I had the Mini Many Month Calendar in 2012. Most of the times I do feel like a pop of colour but am not quite sure about full on green or turquoise, so I tend to stick with pretty basic shades. My favorites are:

1. Maybellines Colorama in Urban Coral, which I’m wearing at the moment. A nice corally red shade with an orange tinge. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

2. Essies Mint Candy Apple, the classic pastel spring shade in my opinion.

3. Ciatés Mistress, Heard about it in one of Lisa Eldridges Favrites Videos and was pleased to see it was part of the mini mani month. A true bright red colour, you can wear all year round really, I enjoy this classy shade. I feel like with this I can’t go wrong.

4. Ciatés Cupcake Princess, a gorgeous hot pink with tiny blue sparkles running through, which makes it even more beautiful and interesting.

5. Illamasquas Speckle, this looks like eggshells on. Really pretty, a subtle shade but the black flecks of glitter give it a quite unique edge.

In the Background are my more “out-of-comfort-zone” shades, thought they are really pretty.

l.-r.: Ciaté Speed Dial (very similar to Urban Coral), Ciaté Headliner, Ciaté Mojito, Ciaté Big Yellow Taxi


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