Coffee Table Reads



It’s always nice to relax with a cup of tea or coffee and maybe nibble on some chocolate or cookies. And there’s nothing better than doing so with some fun books to look at and drool over. I’ve had a look at my table and here are a few of my favorites.

Imagine having someone over and you lack in conversation, what better way to find out about your common interests than books like these?

Paris Vogue Covers 1920-2009 is one great book. Although it’s more illustrations than actual text. I love to browse the pages and admire the models makeup. I confess that’s the reason I got the book in the first place. But it’s also very interesting to see how the style of the magazine changed over the years. In the beginning the covers were paintings by famous artists. Did you know that Dalí painted one in 1939? Well me neither.

Very Classy by Derek Blasberg gotta love myself some Derek Blasberg. This one’s more text-heavy but you can open the book at any page and just have a read. This book is very wittily written and with lots of fun pictures from Dereks private collection. I now follow him as well as “Classy model” Birdie Bell on Twitter and always have a good laugh at their (especially Dereks) tweets. From party etiquette to girls movie night suggestions, you’ll find everything you need in this book to dream of your very own Party à la Gossip Girl.

So Audrey is my latest addition, I got it in the gift shop of an art gallery. It features 59 fashion and lifestyle related facts that Audrey Hepburn always liked to live by. Paired with gorgeous pictures of that lovely lady it makes for a fun read that will have you wishing you were born in her era, to be able to dress and impress like Ms. Hepburn herself.





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