Going Natural

I have the greatest sweet tooth imaginable. When it comes to chocolate, I’m all yours. Now everyone knows chocolates or sweets in general are not ones best friend. All these trans fats, processed foods and sugars, have various negative side effects.  That sound highly dramatic, I know. A little never hurts and lets face it is just a soul soother sometimes. But then again we all know pimples result from unhealthy nutrition, sweets also spike your sugar levels and make you crave even more.

So lately I’ve been trying to “cleanse” my eating habits, cutting back on midday chocolate snacks, sugar loaded breakfasts and rather going for healthier options. Not only do they make you feel better, but they can also taste amazing, if you only let yourself be open for it.

My friend and I went to an all natural grocery store a few days ago and picked up some, in my opinion, main ingredients for healthy cooking. Chia Seeds, Coconut oil and Coconut water. I was so excited about my purchases that I just had to share them with you. Yes, I know, silly me, getting all excited over some seeds and oil.


I had had these items on my shopping list for a while now, but my local grocery store doesn’t stock them and I never got around to take an extra tour to the Bio Store.

Now I say these ingredients are some of the most important in my opinion, let me tell you why.

Chia seeds are great when added to smoothies, or healthy deserts. They fill you up and give the dish extra “crunch”, i guess.

Not only is coconut oil great for frying in the wok, it’s also supposed to be amazing as cleansing balm, mixed with grape seed oil.  I recently added this to my healthy chocolate pudding desert, amazing!

I am really into drinking water, but lately I’ve gotten quite bored of the taste, and I am always experimenting with juices, smoothies, and other refreshing drinks. I imagined coconut water would go great blended with some mango, or other fruit.

I’ve already tested some recipes and so far really liked them. I’ll post about some healthy desert and breakfast options, as well as refreshing drinks and smoothies, in the future, as soon as I experimented a little more in the kitchen. Stay tuned for that!


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