Top 5: Make-up Brushes



When I actually have time to properly do my makeup, brushes are of course the most important tools. I could work without them, but why? If I can make my life so much easier and mess free. I do have accumulated a few Brushes over time, but if i could only chose 5, these would be my picks. When I thought of this post, I didn’t even bat an eye when piecing them out of my stash that does say something.

Almost all of my face brushes are by Real Techniques. After having read many good things about them, I finally caved last summer and ordered them online. They are amazing quality for an even better price. I mean if I can get 12 face brushes for around 70€, why go to Mac and get 1 and a half, maybe two for that money?

One item of my order was the Core Collection, I love the Buffing Brush and the Contour Brush, plus I got a travel brush roll with it. I use the Buffing Brush every time I wear concealer or foundation, it’s perfect for blending that in. The Contour Brush is amazing for sculpting killer cheek bones.

I use the real techniques duo-fibre contour brush from the, limited edition but still available, duo fibre collection, to set my under-eye concealer with some loose powder and sometimes also to set my t-zone. I love this brush, because it does apply product well but not too much to make it look caked, which, we all know, can happen easily underneath the eyes where we have fine lines anyways.

Surprise, surprise for eye brushes I chose Mac’s 239 and 217. The first is amazing for really packing on the eyeshadow. It’s a densely packed brush with a lot of hair, but it’s just fluffy enough. The latter is so good for blending out the crease, washing some colour all over the lid or even just defining the outer v and the crease.

I really want to try the Zoeva eye brushes soon, I’ve heard they’re supposed to be really great Mac and also Sigma dupes. They’re easier for me to order to Germany, plus they’re also cheaper than Sigma. I always wanted to get Mac’s 222 but sadly it is now discontinued before I could get my greedy fingers on one. Also I really want a 224, but it’s not in the budget.

Zoeva have a few brushes that are supposed to be almost exactly like the aforementioned Mac brushes some are supposed to be even better, except they’re not half as expensive. Same as with the Real Techniques brushes with Zoeva I can get more for my money. One Zoeva eye brush cost around 6,50€, so I could buy 3 maybe 4 brushes and would spend as much as I would approximately have to pay for 1 Mac brush. Pretty good deal I’d say.

Some people would say it’s bad for a company to copy another brands brushes, but I think for someone on a lower budget it’s amazing to still be able to get almost the same product for less money.

Man I went a bit off topic there. Oh well, now you know my thoughts on that and also part of my wish list. Haha…You’re welcome!


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