It’s been a long long time

and by long I mean really long. Oh wow, I’ve been absent for like 3/4 of a year. I’m sorry for not posting, but I guess the whole “I’ll post everyday” just got a little overwhelming so I stopped all together.
But heck, A lot has happened in 2014..

First I graduated in May, so around when I started my blog, probably a little before that, because you know would’ve been fatal starting a blog during finals.
Then I went on a few trips, right after my birthday me and my friend went to Budapest, Hungary for a week wich was the best. After that my mom took me to London for a long weekend, as a graduation/ birthday present.
Fast forward I’m typing up this post in my dorm room, yes I’m at Uni now, you must be thinking ” man what a great idea to restart your blog right when you start Uni stress”- you know…Oh well. I just really needed something to take my mind off of studying and I want to use this blog as an output.
I should actually be sleeping now but the thought of starting to blog again had me going for quite some time now and so tonight I just thought I’d type up this post to let you know I’m back.
I’ll not post everyday that just got way to overwhelming and I want to blog for the fun of it not because I’m pressuring myself to post every single day. It’s quality over quantity people.
For now you’ll have to excuse me for taking my pictures with my phone, I’ll do my best I promise, as my camera is back home and I’ll have to get it next time I’m there.

So I’ll quit my ramble now, I’ve probably bored you enough now…If you’re even still reading.

Talk to you soon xx


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