Some Nudes in a Season of Reds


A few months back I wasn’t into that whole nude lip look, let alone lipgloss. But somehow I’ve really gotten into enhancing my lip shape and making it look as best I can in the most natural way. Whilst I do still have my issues with the uber sticky “last-all day” lip glosses I do enjoy a smooth hydrating balmy sort of lipgloss nowadays and it seems that as time has gone by the makeup industry has really grasped that whole “smooth buttery lipgloss” thang. 

Yes these are rather everyday appropriate nude potions, not like the concealer-y dramatic skin like nude. Which I do have one of the Hourglass Femme Nude lip crayon thingies and I love that with a really smokey eye, but let’s be honest, when does a normal life Uni student ever get the opportunity to get all dressed and made up to go to some grand event ? (I’m talking in a Gossip Girl sort of fashion here, people!)

Now, I do love me a good bold red lip not just for special occasions and this year I’ve also ventured into he world of really really dark red/plum shades think Mac Diva and darker, but that’s a little too out of comfort zone to rock on an everyday basis for me. The whole Lipliner thing used to be reserved to said bold lipsticks in the past and I always thought that nude lined lips can quickly look overdrawn and sort of, dare I say, porno?

Well it’s probably because my upper lip is basically non existent, meaning no cupids bow and no definition, rather than blending seamlessly with my skin (and hear me saying seamless in the most negative way, when it is the word we love to hear the most when it comes to eyeshadow…) I’ve become quite fond of accentuating my cupids bow, not that I every manage to create a proper one – oh well, and adding a little shine to make them lips look appear extra nice.

Talking about liner, I use the L’oréal Infallible lip liner in “Always toasted”. Not living in the UK, I can’t get a hold of Lisa Eldridges ultimate nude lip recommendation the No.7 Lip liner in “Nude”, so naturally I jumped at her word when she said that the L’oréal Liner was a good match. Not that that’s available here in Germany either, but I do go to France from time to time so I made sure to pick it up.

I know there’s a lot of other Nude liner options, such as Bobbi Brown “Ballet Pink” or Charlotte Tilbury’s offer Lip cheat I’m thinking “Pillow talk”, which actually, as I’m typing this post and thinking about it, I might want to have a closer look at. But then again I’m not sure I can afford a lip liner for 20€ or more.

Lipgloss wise the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector seems to be THE go to lipgloss for non-sticky hydrating lipgloss lovers all over the internet. I really had to overcome major Lipgloss-phobia before deciding to finally try it after like a year. I got shade “01” a nice light pink, to be honest the colour doesn’t show that much on the lips, it’s just more of a nice sheen, but then again, I guess unless you have a really intense lipgloss colour, it’ll never show up that amazingly.

My newest lipgloss option is the Urban Decay Naked gloss in “Liar” I picked this one up on one of those trips to France, although I believe as of mid 2014 Urban Decay is actually pretty readily available in Germany – round of applause for that! – It’s a really gorgeous colour. I’m never too drawn to pink glosses but there is just something about this, maybe that hint of “dusty rose-y-ness”? (Oh wow colour description at its finest). It’s little darker than the Clarins gloss and I does show more on my lips. It’s a really pretty warm pink and I find it to have a slight coral undertone to it, but maybe that’s just the way it shows on my lips.

I hope you like my assortment of “not-too-nude” nudes.

Feels nice to be back, hopefully I can keep this up now. I’ll probably throw in the occasional ramble about life every now and again just to not get into the position of not knowing what to write about and then being overwhelmed. After all I do want to produce good quality content and that never works if it’s forced, I only every want to write about stuff that excites me and or is near/dear to my heart…

See here: Apparently rambling is something I know how to do pretty well, so before I get too off topic I’ll sign off for now.



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