Quick-Fix Faux French Mani


I haven’t been painting my nails a lot recently, don’t get me wrong I love a good mani. But a good mani does take me about 90ish minutes ( two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy for reference). With Uni I rarely find myself having time for two episodes of any TV show in a row, never mind being patient enough to go through the whole perfect (homemade) mani procedure.  

I spend the night at a friends house the other night and we decided to take a break from studying and get our beauty game on. I wasn’t prepared to paint my nails or anything, they were pretty long, as you can see, but I went ahead anyways.

It was more like a slap dash “I’ll take it off in a day or so anyway” kind of approach. See the problem is I can’t really bothered to take it off once it starts to look ugly. I know, I know, bad habit.. And I swear I used to remove any polish as soon as it started to be even the slightest bit gross. But quite frankly I just am way too lazy.

So I slapped two layers of Essie’s “Spaghetti Strap” on. Mind you, without base or top coat. At first I thought it wasn’t that pretty at all but within a few hours the colour and overall look had grown on me.

With my long grown nails that are basically a natural form of a french mani, it just made look every so slightly more polished and I liked the fact that my tips were still showing. It basically looked like a faux french mani on me, which I really really liked.

About a week later now and I just took it off tonight. My nails were really getting too long now and starting to get weak and too soft for my liking.

Yes of course without base or top coat nail polish doesn’t last as long or look as nice as time passes, but one of the best features I have found to be, is that with this nude pink colour small chips (or even bigger ones – because you know no one inspects my nails that closely) are basically invisible.

Only problem now is: I’ll have to run out asap to go buy my own bottle and obsess a little more over the gorgeous simplicity of this colour.

Okay, I could ramble on forever…Uni is really getting the best of me now, with exams practically right around the corner. I’m planning on writing some posts about that soon, and I promise my blog won’t stay all beauty. But sometimes you gotta work with what little you have, and for me that was wanting to share my new found love with you.


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