#UniKitchen: Healthy Low-Carb Veggie Lasagna


As a Uni student everyone knows eating habits can be a little unhealthy at times and mainly consist of instant noodle soups and the like. After the holidays I took the plunge and weighed myself for the first time in quite a long time. I must admit I was a little shocked. So my friend and I decided to commit to healthy eating and losing a few of those pesky pounds. Of course cooking isn’t really something you can be bothered with after a long day of class. Cooking’s never as much fun alone, so my friend and I now meet up 3-4 nights a week to have our own private healthy cooking party. I thought I’d share my attempt to be healthy at Uni and maybe inspire a few of you to skip the ready-made meals. So this’ll be my first installment in a series I’ll call “#UniKitchen”, I hope you’ll like it.

Saturday was on of those days we spend 6 plus hours studying at the library and just wanted a delicious dinner. We do try to stick to not eating a lot of carbs right now, but that can get really annoying and be a real pain in the ass. We are firm believers of sticking to our routine, but sometimes throwing in something that’s more fun to eat – you know something you can actually look forward to and not dread having to eat in the evening. (After all what’s the worth of a diet if you can’t stick to it because you hate it and then completely quit) Right, I’d rather “cheat” a little from time to time, of course “cheat” in the most healthy way possible.

My friend came up with the genius idea of making a low-carb veggie Lasagna but adding a little ricotta and cheese. Let me tell you it was heaven! So delicious!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– For the fake béchamel sauce ( could eat that stuff on it’s own it tasted like fluffy clouds – seriously!)

400g Ricotta cheese

200g cream cheese

about 100g of low fat yoghurt

spinach or kale ( however much you want)

– For the bolognese sauce

Olive oil

2 carrots

2 onions

400 ml ( a can) of chopped tomatoes

dried tomato paste

a cup of vegetable stock

a splash of red wine

1 stick of leek

optional: about 300g of salmon chopped

seasoning: paprika, salt, pepper, herbs Provençal

– For layering

6 zucchini

Grated cheese

How you do it:

1. Mix the ricotta cheese with the cream cheese and a little yoghurt to make it smoother and a little more liquid and add as much kale or spinach as you like.

2. chop up the vegetables for the bolognese sauce. Start by frying the carrots together with the onions in some olive oil. As carrots start to soften add the leek. Once the leek is soft add the tomatoes and the red wine. Let simmer. Then, if you like, add in the fish. After a while you can add the Vegetable stock and season to your liking.

3. Cut the zucchini horizontally in thin strips. So that they form the faux paste sheets. Fry zucchini in separate pan in some olive oil until they brown slightly.

4. Now you can start layering. Start with some of the fake Béchamel Sauce, add some zucchini and the faux Bolognese. On top the Ricotta mix, and some grated cheese. Keep on going by adding zucchini, bolognese, béchamel and grated cheese. I think you get the gist. The top should be ricotta béchamel sauce and some grated cheese to top it off. All we did then was pop it into the oven for about 10-15 minutes as all the ingredients were basically already cooked and we just wanted it to heat through and melt together.

With our recipe we filled about one and a half to two dishes. And we’ll probably be eating Lasagne for the next week. Good thing it was so delicious.

Try it out, it’s amazing!


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