Airing Obsession: Karen Gillan in “Selfie”


It’s no secret that I’m a Tv show addict. Give me any show and I’ll get hooked in 80% of the cases. Most of the times it’s around May and then again October when all of my shows are on break, that I need something new. Why do I do that you ask? – well I don’t know. It’s not like I haven’t already got enough shows to keep me busy for forever but somehow there’s always another “must see” recommendation that I can’t seem to keep away from.

Truth be told many of the shows I once started I stopped watching somewhere between seasons. But there are a few trusty shows that I’m still watching and enjoying. I thought I’d let you in on which shows help me distract myself from the stress that is reality and get me to relay even if it’s only for 45 minutes – can’t really afford any longer anyways.

My newest obsession is the ABC Family show Selfie. I generally love most ABC Family productions, they’re just so funny, light hearted and quite good acting I find. When I first heard of Selfie and watched the trailer I wasn’t too impressed. The only thing that got me was that the main character is played by Karen Gillan. At that time my brother was really (and still is) into Dr. Who. Of course he had to start watching, because after all Karen Gillan is pretty hot.

Now two months or so later, he got me into Dr. Who too, so yeah no question there. Of course it was only a matter of time until I’d start watching.

First of all what is great about this show is that the episodes are only ever 20 minutes long, so no commitment issues, it’s a quick fix if you need some “no-brain” TV for in-between study sessions. You can pretty much just start watching anywhere in the season and have a good laugh.

Plot-wise it’s sort of a new take on My Fair Lady. Had I’d known that I’d have probably started sooner. Probably for the best that I didn’t though.

I love me some My Fair Lady and be sure that I won’t be satisfied easily when it comes to modern adaptations. I have watched a few theater productions and none where quite right. I even go as far as saying that Audrey Hepburn will never make as good an Eliza Doolittle as Julie Andrews did. I adore both of these ladies but Audrey just is not a singer. Also she’s not English.

Back to topic. So in the show, Karen Gillan plays Eliza Dooley, who is internet famous but has like zero social skills IRL (In real life – just because we are talking internet here!). She turns to her colleague Henry whom she begs for help. First problem is: She hardly every puts down her phone. Second problem:She has an affair/ open relations ship thingy with a co-worker and doesn’t value herself as proper relationship material but rather as a fling on the side. It seems as though she hides behind this facade of internet fame and thousands of followers to cover the fact that she doesn’t have a lot of confidence and self-esteem. Even though she had a major transformation on the outside, on the inside she’s still the insecure High School girl who had no friends and was really unpopular.

Now let’s talk similarities to the original: I mean come on. Eliza Dooley?? Really? – Eliza Doolittle. Then we have Henry – Henry Higgins in the original. And of course Freddy, the affair. Freddy does also exist in My Fair Lady, he fancies Eliza but anyone can see that she actually has a thing for her mentor Henry.

What really got me and made me laugh was when Henry said “I’ve grown accustomed to your face” basically quoting Higgins song from the original musical. Man, I love it when they try to keep the original in mind and not forcefully bend it until it’s got nothing more to do with it.

I like the new approach on the topic. Helping a young woman getting rid of her internet addiction. Feels relatable, you know with pretty much every aspect of everyday life being posted on the inter webs nowadays.

The show is witty, heartwarming but also a little sad. It made me think about my phone habits quite a bit. I like the acting and I think the actors have perfect chemistry. For me a must. If a show is supposed to work well, the actors need to have some sort of connection to make the on screen relations believable.

So far I really like the show, as you could probably already tell. Good actors, nice storyline and damn that girls is always so on point when it comes to hair. I won’t go into further detail concerning her slightly slutty clothing style (I wonder who she got the job she has walking around the way she does. But then again – It’s a TV Show!), but that hair just damn. Eliza herself once even denoted her hair “Arielle-esque looks” swoon!

Currently the show is 13 episodes in and I’m curious to see how the story line progresses. I’m at episode 7 I believe, so I still have a few to go.  I just hate it when I start watching a show that’s new to me but has been airing for a while because at some point I always catch up to date and then have to wait of the next episode to air. Anyone with me? 

I’d highly recommend the show if, like me, you’re looking for some light hearted, funny entertainment. The topic might seem shallow at first but it’s really honest and you’ll learn to like the characters rather quickly, trust me.


2 thoughts on “Airing Obsession: Karen Gillan in “Selfie”

  1. I’ve watched the whole season, and I’m sorry to tell you it got cancelled, so 13 (or even 12?) episodes is all you will have. But her hair are indeed luscious and beautiful!

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