#UniKitchen: Healthy Low-Carb Veggie Lasagna


As a Uni student everyone knows eating habits can be a little unhealthy at times and mainly consist of instant noodle soups and the like. After the holidays I took the plunge and weighed myself for the first time in quite a long time. I must admit I was a little shocked. So my friend and I decided to commit to healthy eating and losing a few of those pesky pounds. Of course cooking isn’t really something you can be bothered with after a long day of class. Cooking’s never as much fun alone, so my friend and I now meet up 3-4 nights a week to have our own private healthy cooking party. I thought I’d share my attempt to be healthy at Uni and maybe inspire a few of you to skip the ready-made meals. So this’ll be my first installment in a series I’ll call “#UniKitchen”, I hope you’ll like it. Continue reading